Our Story

Urban & Wild was created at the beginning of 2018, Sheena became frustrated by the lack of good quality British made women’s country shirts for the shooting market, they really needed to have some stretch, with a longer sleeve and body length to allow for movement and to avoid draughts but still look smart as all the boys do on their pegs. So whilst out walking our Golden Retriever Parker (he photo bombed the product shots); we decided that the time had come to launch our own British Made quality brand. Urban & Wild was born. And as with all great ideas they grow larger so why stop at shirts when jumpers and gin were needed too……..

Urban and Wild Gin Still
The still that produces our fabulous Gin

NeilĀ  started shooting at the age of 18 mainly small bore pistol and rifle, later he shot for his County full bore pistol one day he had an idea to create a cartridge case to house gifts for shooters as there was nothing like it on the market. Now finally forty years later he has made that vision a reality combining this early idea with another passion his quest for the perfect G & T in January 2018 Game Bird Gin was born and with the help of the experts at Union Distillers we have created what we believe to be a unique and satisfying botanical gin following on from this we were asked by our friends (who were forced to test the product) to create a sloe gin and after much further testing Game Bird Sloe was hatched. Our family have been making “Both Barrels” cocktails for years we love them and hope that you will too.

Stephanie is a keen shot having been taught to clay shoot at Purbeck Shooting School, she is very excited to be part of the team here at Urban and Wild and her sisterĀ  Alexandra is part of the creative process and will be adding to our range over the coming months, as you can see we are a family team and want Urban & Wild to become the go to site for ladies who want to be comfortable and stylish whether in town or countryside.